Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birth Photography = Skeevy??? This Mama Doesn't Think So...

When I initially came across the birth picture that I included in my What Do I Want Out of a Homebirth? post, I shared it on my Facebook wall. 

I was absolutely floored at the positive remarks that were left behind by my friends (I know that I'm a bit of a hippie-dippy-trippy gal, and a lot of my friends are too... but I did figure I was in for some negativity and backlash).  So needless to say, I was shocked that all posted responses were along the same vein as my thinking (basically that the picture rocked freakin' monkey balls).

So, today when three people came up to me and commented on how they found it weird, I was a little affronted.  I knew that it would not be everyone's cup o' tea but I didn't think anyone would actually to my face say that they found it a bit much...

You know how people post pictures of cars, vacation resorts, sunsets (etc)... well that picture is my car/vacation resort/sunset.  I look at that picture and just think "holy shit, that is fucking awesome... that is what in my ideal world, birth should be about". 

When there are no interventions (necessary or otherwise), babies are born from vaginas. 

Call me weird, but I think this is pretty awesome!  I think women birthing as they feel is appropriate for themselves and their babe is awesome!  I think it's beautiful and naturalAmazing and abso-freaking-lutely empowering.  Honestly, I think it's something that should be revered not cause revulsion. 

I think that birth (much like breastfeeding) is something we should have an open dialogue about... in the days of yore women used to birth surrounded by a group of women.  What was previously accepted as the norm is now considered eccentric.  Imagine if you knew what birth could be like before you'd had your first child, it wouldn't have been nearly as scary... would it?

(Please note:  I am perfectly aware that medical science has a place in birth... there are certain situations that demand medical interventions.  There are certain situations where the life of mother or child are in danger and the ideal/natural birth is not appropriate... however, this is not true for the majority of births)

If you think birth photography is pretty damn amazing check out DFW birth photographer and Google is your friend, there are a tonne of other birth photographers online.  In my opinion, birth is beautiful.

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