Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Home Birth Attire}

So, I may have mentioned a time (or more) that the plan for our third babe is to birth at home...

The midwives are chosen
I've called dibs on the birthing pool
My support team is chosen
Back-up (for my boys) is available, if needed
Photographer is booked

So, what to wear?  Since I'm planning a water birth, I'm thinking the top half of a tankini... Since I've got a wicked rack, I need something uber supportive... oh and since birth is a wee bit messy, black (and also not cost an arm & a leg).

I'm leaning towards something like this
(with a black jersey skirt over my bottom for non-pool time)

If you had (or are planning) a home birth... what was your birthing attire?  Or did you even give a damn?


  1. Soaring ButterflyJuly 11, 2012 at 10:39 PM

    My second was supposed to be a home birth and it's a long, silly story why he wasn't but we just made it to the hospital in time. They gave me a gown to check me and because things were happening so fast I didn't even question them. In the process of fighting with the nurse over delivery position I ripped the gown right off and birthed naked.

    My third was a nice, relaxing, home, water birth. Best labor/delivery yet!!!! I was supposed to have a photographer but she couldn't make it in time. I started out in comfy pj's (shirt and pants with a sleep bra). When it came time to enter the water I just went in in my sleep bra. In hindsight I wish I would have chosen a black bikini bra. The sleep bra was cream color and became quite see through when wet, lol. Got a few usable pics though.

    I think a bra, bathing suit top, light tank with a skirt would be perfect. Easier to check you with than my pj pants were.

  2. I just wore a tank top during Sloan's was white, not the greatest choice! However, I did get all the stains out (Matt stepped on my IV line and Sloan pooped on blood and meconium everywhere!) with my buncha farmers stain stick!

    I'm glad to hear you're planning though, I thought I was the only crazy one! I just bought 2 new sports bras to wear one during (nothing on the bottom) and have been scouring the net for deals on lululemon no-slip headbands. My hair is just long enough to get it into a pony, but if the fly aways get stuck to my face during labour I will probably kill someone so I might just splurge on one at the store next time I head to KW. lol

  3. And this is why I share what is going on in my crazy head!
    Thanks gals... I might be leaning more towards a couple dark sports bras... but definitely the jersey skirt to cover my ass when I'm out of the pool.
    Joelene, if you don't mind me asking what bras and where did you get them from.
    I don't *think* my hair will bug me, I never really was an issue with TT & C-McC, but I have dubbed #3 "The Wild Card", I think this wee bub has something out of this world in store for the hubs & I...