Friday, August 31, 2012

C-McC, Happy {SECOND} Birthday!

September 1st... 


Where has the time flown?

I feel like yesterday that I was calling into work, that you were being placed in my arms, that we were going home from the hospital and that our loving (99% of the time) family of three became four.

With this being my second kick at the can, it is still shocking to see how much you have changed in 2 years time.  As TT is now fond of saying, you are not a baby anymore... you are a toddler!

You walk (errrr... run) everywhere. 

You talk up a storm (seriously, you articulate at the level of a 3-4y/o).

You are so inquisitive (even if hearing the word why for the umpteen-billionth time makes my skin crawl).

You will start pre-school next week (whaaaaaat?!?!?!)

Gosh.darnnit C-McC slow down and let mama enjoy you being little... at least for a little while.

I love you my little snuggle bug  <3

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