Sunday, August 5, 2012


There's so much going on in my Muddled world.  I could puke (from excitement and from holy.fuck.what.was.I.thinking.moving.while.a.gagillion.months.pregnant.!?!?!)

That's right... this country mouse is moving to town (to my city/metropolitan readers, this may not sound like much but trust me it's huge for me).

The hubs and I decided that rural living wasn't suitable for our family... the drive into work, the juggling of dropping/picking the kids up and well, everything is in town (grocery store, bank, etc).

This was a huge decision for me... I literally live less than 10km from where I grew up!  I left to go to school in the city, lived there with my fiance (well, now my hubs) for a year or so and came running home as soon as I could.

I am going to miss being this.close to my family... 

But there is one thing that I'm not going to miss; a large house yard that neither the hubs nor I have the desire to even half-ass maintain... (seriously, it's a sad, shameful state of affairs)

So, we're expanding our family... and we're moving our family (in less than 2wks... aaaaaaaahhhhhh!)

Did anyone else make life changing decisions during pregnancy?
Did they turn out as expected?

Hold my hand while I lose my mind, please?

And now for some pregnancy humour... 
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