Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home Birth Supply List

I received my supply list at my midwives appointment the other day (and I've done a little solo research, as well as being blessed with an awesome group of hippie-birthy mama's that have shared their home birth experiences with me)

So, I've compiled a list of things I think will serve me well at my home birth

General Stuff
New (small) bottle of olive oil  -  for perineal massage (also excellent for cradle cap and for schmearing on babe's bum during those I am all about multifunctional items)
DIY 'Tucks pads' - for that tender perineal area, after birth (take a couple big ol' maxi pads, pop them open and drizzle water on them & witch hazel [if you're more crunchtastic, you could certainly use your mama cloth] wrap them back up, in a curved position [to better cup your nether regions] and pop them in the freezer)
Chux pads - birth is messy, I think that is pretty self-explanatory
Heating pad or hot water bottle - to warm babe's blankets
2 Large bowls - for the placenta and in case of vomiting (did I mention that birth is messy?)
2 Large laundry baskets/garbage bins lined with black garbage bags - 1 for laundry and 1 for garbage
Bright lamp + extension cord - in case suturing is required (I've been lucky enough to come out stitches-free in my previous births)
Big maxi pads/mama cloth - the bigger the better... if it reminds you of something your mama/grandma might have worn way back in the day, well you have grabbed the right ones (skip the Always the mesh top layer can stick to your healing lady bits... and skip the scented ones)
Thermometer - self explanatory
Cookie sheet or tray - something portable, that your midwives can place their instruments on
Vinyl table cloth/tarps/etc - something to cover your labouring surfaces (and some cheap flat sheets to toss on top)
Tylenol - pretty self explanatory?
Crockpot - to keep water warm for compresses
Bucket - to bail water out of the birthing pool (so you can add additional warm water, hopefully your labour won't be too long, so you won't have to do this too many times)

For mama
Fan - birth is hot work (at least in my experience, labour has been very hot work)
Music - whatever floats your boat, something that helps you get in the zone (or conversely, silence... whichever
Snacks - easily digested, nutritiously loaded snack, your body is working overtime... fuel it!
Fluids - Gatorade (or similar), not only is birth messy, it is also hard work so you need something to keep your energy up
Phone list - people to call, 'nuff said
Adult 'sippy cups'/straws - to get the liquids into your body (duh)
Pot of soup/stew - sustenance for after the birth (something that you can just pop on and not have to worry about... something loaded with legumey/veggie goodness)

For babe
Sleepers - soft, snuggly newborn sleepers
Receiving blankets - placed under the hot water bottle/heating pad, to cuddle/snuggle/wrap babe up, about a dozen or so
Hat - babies lose most of their heat through their noggins
Diapers - cloth or 'sposies (if you're using cloth, you might want some cheap flannel inserts until you're out of the meconium poop stage)

2 fitted sheets - you'll put one on your mattress, add a mattress cover/vinyl table cloth/shower curtain/etc over top and fit the next sheet over top.  Machine wash on hot and store in a sealed (and labelled) bag in preparation of the birth
Pillow cases - same as the sheets, pre-wash and have ready for the birth
Towels - half a dozen, or so... same as sheets and pillow cases, pre-wash and have ready for the birth
Wash clothes - a dozen or so, (same as sheets, pillow cases & towels, pre-wash and have ready for birth), for perineal compresses, face/neck wiping and babe
Shower curtain/waterproof mattress protector/vinyl table cloth - to protect your mattress... additional ones may be purchased to put under the birthing pool or in any area that you think you may wish to labour in (cover with soft sheets, blankets, etc)
Blankets/flannel sheets - to spread out in the areas that you think you will be labouring in (again, and for the final time,

I know that my list might be more than I need, but I'd rather be prepared (and not use something) than to not be prepared (and need to madly hunt for something in the midst of transition).

If you've had a home birth - what did your kit include?
If you're planning a home birth - what are you planning on including in your kit?


  1. I think the only other things I've added to my pile ties (I do not want to be hunting for an elastic between contractions!), baby no-scratch mittens and those colorful foam mats for under the birth pool along with a comforter - I don't want to be kneeling on the hard floor!

  2. Ah yes, elastics... I'll definitely add some to the bin :) and the mats are a brilliant idea! I hadn't thought of my poor knees on hardwood...