Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baby Update {33 + 5}

I'm 33 weeks + 5 today... just shy of 34 weeks (3 weeks + 2 and we are good for a home birth)

Had a midwife appointment on Friday - all is good in the belly (although TT & M-CcC were walking advertisements for contraception).

HB - around 140bpm
BP - 128/80 (considering that my BP was taken after TT & C-McC had been absolute turd buckets)
34wks fundal height (at 33 weeks + 3 I was measuring 34... so pretty much right on)

My next appointment will be the home birth appointment at 36 weeks.  We'll go over 3rd stage of labour (delivering the placenta), and do the home inspection to make sure everything is good to go for a home birth. 

Still have lots of movement from babe (although, I definitely have to sit back and consciously tune in to it).

I'm pretty darn exhausted (could be the result of waking up a bagillion times a night, a still not 100% C-McC... and uhhhhh being 34 weeks pregnant, although they want to check my hemoglobin levels because they can be depleted during pregnancy).

A bunch of our furniture came this week (new couch for the living room, and a king-sized bed for mama & the hubs).  So we're slowly starting to get this place all settled in... have about 10 more boxes (most are toy room things) to unpack and I want to get a little painting done before babe arrives...

Most importantly, right now, I want to grab a nap.

Happy Sunday!

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