Friday, September 14, 2012


Today is the hubs' birthday (I will not disclose his age, I wouldn't want him to reciprocate the favour); suffice to say, he isn't saying good-bye to his 20's today.

Obviously, I'm not going to share the hubs' birth story (you kinda gotta be there for that... and well, I am the younger spouse... ) but I will share some of the things that we love about him.

He is not afraid to look stupid - I realize that this does not sound like a compliment but it absolutely is.  It makes him spontaneous and absolutely gung-ho to try new things.  I sit around and think about all the ways I can look like an idiot doing something & end up chickening out.  He sits there and thinks "everyone is going to think I'm a rockstar... oh.yah!" and then he does it (sometimes he does indeed look like a rockstar but most of the time he looks like he's enjoying life).

He has a quirky sense of humour - Admittedly, I do not appreciate this trait nearly as much as I should (just ask the hubs, he'll tell you that any woman who professes to want a man with a sense of humour is a liar), so it's a good thing that our boys appreciate it much more than I do.  When we were trying to teach TT his full name, in a fit of exasperation the hubs declared that TT was Flim-Floom-the-Jim-Joom... and this is what actually got TT to acknowledge his full name.  We still giggle about it (and the look of utter disgust on TT's face as he explained to his father that no his name was not Flim-Floom-the-Jim-Joom).

He is very generous - Situations where I have to stop and ponder about whether or not we should do it; don't even occur to him.  I swear his thought process goes like this "I have it, you could use it... here you go". 

He is an excellent provider - I realize that this is a materialistic trait but let's face it; money makes the world go round.  I am not the bacon maker... he is our primary provider and he does one helluva job.  I will forever be grateful for his drive and ambition because it means that we can have the size of family that we want (and still have some room in the budget for creature comforts).

He is handsome - maybe my children don't appreciate this (I hope TT does because goshdarnnit that boy looks like his daddy) but mama certainly appreciates this; I honestly feel that there is no need to expand upon this.  My husband is hot stuff.

With all this in mind, the boys and I are making a lovely roast beast dinner (although, me + flour + browning = the three of us running out of the kitchen gagging... whoops!), garlic mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and pièce de résistance?  Homemade Chocolate cake (I've never used this recipe before and of course I altered it... just a little bit, so a Chocolate cake post might come later).  Goddamn I'm good!

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