Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Maternity Leave - Day 2}

I promise not to spend the next 52wks telling you exactly in great detail about how my days of freedom are going (errrrr... or preparing for the birth of my unborn child and than bonding, nurturing and nourishing said child, that's totally what I meant).

For now, I'm excited to be home with my boys.

Day 2 started with a list.

Call propane company - done
Call to book a service for car - done
Call Service Canada to change addresses - 3/4's done (trying to get a hold of E.I. is like trying to find a unicorn).
Apply for maternity/parental leave - 3/4's done (just waiting for my passcode, I may have forgotten my password from two years ago... the one I came up with while in a foggy haze after having a baby and caring for a 2y/o, I think I should be forgiven for this... anywho, I had to completely reapply and I'm hoping I don't get a narsty letter asking why I can't remember a 2y/o password)
Tidy house and prepare for playdate/visit - so didn't get this done.  In fact, I was so behind from being on hold all morning that I answered the door in my t-shirt and underoos (meh, it's another mother... I'm fairly certain she's seen more ass than just mine... at least she didn't have to wipe it).  My mother would be so proud of me *snort-snort-chuckle-chuckle*

Even though the visit started off with a bewildered moi, it was great.  We had a lovely meal (and some wickedly delicious goodies), when the kiddies weren't causing havoc we were able to get some great chatting in (apparently, there is a good way and a bad way to load ones dishwasher... whodda thunk).  The party came to an end when the two, 2y/o's needed to go down for a nap...

I'm glad we got this visit in before the hectic school year starts... it was to chat with a mama and roll our collective eyes at the drama a 2y/o can muster over the most inane things (it's great knowing you're not alone... especially when you don't remember that drama the first time around)

Oh and we discovered a mutual love for a junkety-junk-junk food:

Double bonus - we both like it on celery

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