Monday, September 3, 2012

{Maternity Leave} - Muddled Mama Style

Yesterday was my last official shift... meaning?  I'm.on.maternity.leave (if you're doing some mental math here... no I have not had WC, no I am not due within the next week or so... yes, I did stop work 7, or so, weeks before my due date).

I must say, I am very lucky to have been born into a country that has such an excellent maternity & parental leave (17wks total of maternity leave [2wks unpaid] and 35wks of parental leave... ).  So instead of heading back to work just as mama & babe are getting into the swing of things, mama (or dad) are able to stay home with babe (this is of particular importance to breastfeeding mom's... 10-12wks often marks a growth spurt which means more nursing, so it is nice to know that you can stay home and still have your job available to you when you are ready to go back).

Our maternity leave can be taken up to 8wks before ones due date... with TT starting JK and C-McC starting pre-school I wanted that extra time at home with them to get into a routine before babe arrives.

So, you might be asking yourself... how did I start my maternity leave (if you aren't wondering, I am still going to answer)?

By sitting out in my lovely backyard, at my new patio set sipping a caramel machiatto, FB'ing... all while watching C-McC ride his 'rike.

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