Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Should women breastfeed in public?

The Katie Couric Show sparked a scintillating discussion regarding nursing in public (or for those of us 'in the know' NIP).

Should women breastfeed in public? What is your opinion?

That is exactly how the discussion was prefaced (not at all biased, right?), can you imagine if you switched "breastfeed" with "talk", "wear pants", "dance", "show their wrists/legs/ears/neck"...

Should women talk in public?  How disturbingly archaic!  Can you imagine if this were a public opinion poll posted on a popular talk show hosts website, it.would.be.career.suicide. (and rightly so).

Here is the thing about opinions (and your right to freedom of expression), they end at.my.body.  Meaning?  Your right to express an opinion is a lovely & wonderful thing that in no way shape or form may be foist upon my person.

Nursing in public make you feel uncomfortable?  Avert your eyes and walk on.


Just because the sight of me nourishing my child causes you discomfort (or your opinion towards breastfeeding is negative) does not in any way shape or form mean that you can request that I move my person, and my child to an alternate location to continue breastfeeding. In fact, where I am from (Ontario - for the record), my right to nourish my child where ever children are welcome is legally protected (that means in public too... honest). 

What's my point?  I think that this "poll" (what a farce) could have been substantially less leading towards "nursing is icky" and more towards "nursing is normal, so why the hang-ups?"

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