Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What REALLY Got Used at WC's {HOME BIRTH}

What I actually used at my home birth – since I've now birthed mylovely WC... I thought I'd go back over my Home Birth List and edit what I found useful (and what did not get used).

General Stuff
New (small) bottle of olive oil – WC has wicked dry skin (not even remotely surprised, TT, C-McC and I all have dry skin), we have actually switched to coconut oil because the olive oil was just making WC smell like antipasto.
DIY 'Tucks pads' – I kept putting off making these (because I excel at procrastination), so I never ended up actually making them. They are supposed to be wonderful for sore, swollen tissue... so I might still get some made up.
Chux pads – my midwives supplied these, so I actually didn't have to have them on hand (yay!)
Heating pad or hot water bottle – had it on hand, but never even took it out of it's package... we had the fire place going so our birthing room was toasty warm!
2 Large bowls - for the placenta and in case of vomiting (did I mention that birth is messy?) These definitely came in handy, while I didn't harf during child birth... I definitely felt queasy afterwards!
2 Large laundry baskets/garbage bins lined with black garbage bags - 1 for laundry and 1 for garbage
Bright lamp + extension cord – no stitches required :)
Big maxi pads/mama cloth – These are vital!
Thermometer - self explanatory
Cookie sheet or tray – I don't think this was used... it however was a necessity, if babe needed to be resuscitated the mw's needed a firm surface to work on.
Vinyl table cloth/tarps/etc – these were used everywhere... on the family room couch, under the birthing pool, and on the spare bed
Tylenol – and Advil. After pains are a bitch (and they lack the satisfactory conclusion of child birth – you know, the child)
Crockpot – didn't even pull it out of the cupboard
Bucket – labour went quickly enough (once it actually got going) that we didn't need to bail any water...

For mama
Fan – I was actually cold this time around... we had the fire place going...
Music – silence... I just wanted quiet & solitude, so that I could get my birth on
Snacks – snacked like crazy after the birth
Fluids – didn't drink a tonne during labour but I was thirsty after
Phone list - people to call, 'nuff said
Adult 'sippy cups'/straws – just a regular ol' cup worked for me
Pot of soup/stew – this didn't happen... but I had some wonderful family members that fed us (seriously, I didn't cook for a week... I lurve my family)

For babe
Sleepers – had a few soft & snuggly sleepers on hand (I'd purchased a girl sleeper... so we'll have to share that with someone else... )
Receiving blankets – I think we used maybe one or two receiving blanket(s)... WC was mainly snuggled against me (skin-to-skin) and covered with a towel & blankets
Hat – a good friend of mine whipped up a couple adorable hats... so they graced his noggin' (and still do... especially the 'Dr. Suess' hat... très adorable!)

Diapers – we started off with 'sposies... actually we've been gifted a couple bags, so I've yet to seriously use my cloth dipes...

2 fitted sheets – WC & I cuddled up in the spare bed after the birth... the double set of sheets (plus the waterproof mattress cover) was a definite nessecity!
Pillow cases – ditto to the sheets
Towels – I had a small laundry basket full of towels... one was placed on WC after he was born (and we were still in the pool) a dry one when he went to the hubs for a moment, I needed a towel to dry off and WC may have peed on a towel... so all in all, I think I had 6 towels and we used most of them!
Wash clothes – didn't really use the wash cloths (I believe we used 3... and only because I may have thrown up on one)
Blankets/flannel sheets – just used one flannel sheet under the birthing pool (so I wouldn't be stepping out onto a slippery surface)

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