Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midwifery Love...

Friday I took WC for our 6wk postpartum check-up.

When we left, I almost cried.

I'd been warned by my friends, that I was going to be sad at that last appointment.

I scoffed.  I may have even snorted in derision.  I'd never felt like crying when I left my doctors (except this one time... but it wasn't because I was not going to see my doc again)...

Then I got pregnant with WC...
I spent 9 lovely months going to hour-long appointments. 
When it came to prenatal screening, instead of being handed requisitions... I was spoken to like the intelligent being that I am.  A discussion ensued... and decisions were made. 
I was supported. 
I painted a picture of the birth I wanted and they listened. 
I welcomed them into my home (thrice because WC is just awesome like that). 
Being respectful of the birth I wanted, they were a soothing presence in my peripheral. 
They encouraged me.
Babe was born and they didn't swoop in to check him over... they 'let' me hold my babe and marvel at his beauty.
They stayed... congratulated me.
Then, they came back (at 24hrs, 48hrs, 5 days, 10 days and 14... )

So when our 6 week appointment came, I felt a friendship was forged.  And yes, I was sad walking out that door. 

My friends were right, I'm absolutely, positively going to miss them!

(Oh and WC is an eating machine!  Born at 6lbs 9oz... at 5 wks + 3 days, he was 9lbs 2oz... that's just over 2.5lbs in 5.5 wks!!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i {HEART} baby wearing

I love baby wearing...

I love how it makes handling two exuberant boys, and a newborn, manageable (and often times a breeze)

I love how WC snuggles in and makes these soft, sweet snuffling noises

I love how C-McC still wants his mama 'nuggles

I love how we can fly out the door with one on my front and one on my back, at the last minute to catch TT's bus

I just got into wearing with TT, we had a ring sling and a mei tai.  We didn't get a lot of wearing in, but I knew I wanted more babies so I knew the carriers would go to good use. 

With C-McC I went into it knowing I was going to wear him and often... I ended up churning my stash around quite a bit... searching for the perfect shoulder and fabric.  I tested out some SSC buckle carriers and none of them floated my boat, so I had a carrier craftsman create a custom 1/2 buckle wrap-tai for me (say that 10 x fast).  I tried my hand at wrapping but being a plus-sized mama the amount of fabric required overwhelmed me!

Now with WC, we are ring sling pros (WC was popped up for his first ride at 8hrs old)... C-McC still likes being worn so we've discovered tandem wearing (one on my front, one on my back).  I love ring slings but I'm still drawn to wraps (and I want more options for tandem wearing).  A good friend of mine linked me to this YouTube tutorial... my goodness she makes it look so easy!  Gosh-darnnit... I'm going to get this figured out!  With the loan of a wrap (thank you) and this link... I've gotten WC up on my back (now I wouldn't take him for a walk around the block but he was up, his head was supported and he was pretty comfy). 

So that's my baby wearing goal, what's yours?

Check out the video if you're interested in wrapping your newborn (and check out her other tutorial's too)

Monday, November 19, 2012

MILK... it's what they're there for!

If you've been a frequenter of my blog for long enough, you'll know that one of my favourite topics of discussion is breastfeeding (hey, I try to stick with what I know... and after a combined 3yrs of nursing under my belt... I know breastfeeding).  I may have discussed it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here (and I've definitely discussed it in passing more, but these are posts where it has been the prevalent 'theme').

As I grow and mature, I find myself becoming a pretty big advocate of normalizing breastfeeding (I am sure that you have noticed this trend in my writing).  I truly believe anytime, anywhere because babies don't get hungry only when it is convenient for you.

So, when I hear about women being told that they cannot nurse here because (insert ridiculous reason, similar but certainly not limited to the following:  "What will we tell our children?", uhhhhh, maybe tell them that I am feeding my baby?.  Or "It's an intimate moment and should be done in private", No, it is a moment of child nourishment that has the potential to be 'intimate' should mom & aforementioned child deem it the right moment to do so.), anywho... it just makes me want to scream.

How on earth have we made it to 2012 and this is still an issue (and not a little issue but a fairly prevalent issue, especially in our social media)??????

Breasts are titillating, erogenous packages biologically designed for the manufacturing and deliverance of precisely balanced nourishment for our offspring. 

You may be shocked to find out that their number one biological priority is not just looking good and being something fun to play with... nope, they are biologically designed with your child in mind.

Why are we so hung up on the sexuality of breasts? 
Why when women proudly display their breasts while out on the town do we cheer but we frown at someone nursing their child?

This does nothing to encourage women to breastfeed.

I am a fairly strong-willed individual and even I hesitated about the appropriate amount of boobage to show while at the hub's Christmas Party on the weekend.  I, who have nursed pretty much everywhere, was concerned about the reaction that my husband's coworkers might have at the sight of the top of my breast... so much so, that I left the room and arranged WC in a manner that would cover as much as physically possible of my breast before coming back to the dining room. 

In retrospect, I wouldn't have felt one bit uncomfortable about the amount of boob that was showing, had a baby not been attached to it... which (to me) means that I had nothing to feel uncomfortable about. 

This attitude and pressure can absolutely sway a mother to not breastfeed!  If someone who advocates for the normalcy of breastfeeding can feel that moment of apprehension and pressure... how do you think it affects other women?  

Milk... it's what they're there for!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cozy Coffee Chat

I love my local LLL group (I may have mentioned that a time or two), it's such a lovely group of wonderful, enigmatic, inspiring women.

On Monday we sat down for our casual, mid-month meeting... the focus of the meeting was supposed to be on Biological Nurturing, and while we did get there... we discussed a slew of other things. 

Seriously, when I leave these meetings (or I suppose since I'm currently the host house, when my house clears out after meetings) I'm left with this warm, fuzzy feeling. 

There is just something wonderful about sitting down with a group of like-minded women and chatting over a coffee... it is rejuvenating.  It is validating.  It is inspiring.  It is blissful.

Thank you ladies for starting my week of right (sorry it took me only until Friday to get this post done up)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unskilled Comforter {A Muddled Wednesday Musing}

We had our favourite photographer over to take some newbie pics of WC... as she was rocking, stroking, shushing and swaying him down (so she could grab some fantastical photographs) I was struck by the fact that I cannot do that.

Do what you say?

I cannot rock, shush, stroke or sway my wee babe to sleep (nor could I do it with my other boys).

But you have three children, you say!

Yes, I do.  But my comfort method of choice, when my children are little, was/is breastfeeding.  Honestly, it was the easiest, most simple thing for me to do.

Baby crying?  Breastfeed.  Baby gassy?  Burp, then breastfeed.  Baby overstimulated/tired/fussy/etc?  Breastfeed.

I was literally in awe of how quickly our fab photographer got WC down... because it is just so beyond me.  If I can't settle WC down with boobie, I hand him off to the hubs (so that I can regroup) and we both try again after a brief break.

As you have made your way along your parenting path, have you noticed any skills/traits in other parent's that you just don't have (possibly because of the way you have chosen to parent)?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lovin' on my newborn...

We're one day short of 3 weeks... three.freaking.weeks...

I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown!

I cannot believe I have so easily forgotten the must.nurse.all.the.damn.time. requirements of a newborn (you know those wonderful amnesia hormones that a new mother's body releases after child birth... well I swear the same hormones are released to mama's of children that no longer nurse

I cannot believe I have forgotten how consuming it can be listening to your soft, snuffly breathing.

I love how incredibly petal soft a newborn's skin is.

I love how WC has the most adorable dandelion halo of hair (thick dark hair).

Wearing a bitty newborn WC is like wearing a cloud... so easy-breezy compared to C-McC

I love how WC is growing with leaps & bounds... (by day 4 he was back up to his birth weight, 2 days later he had surpassed it and by 12 days he was 1/2 a pound over his birth weight... mama's milk is good).