Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i {HEART} baby wearing

I love baby wearing...

I love how it makes handling two exuberant boys, and a newborn, manageable (and often times a breeze)

I love how WC snuggles in and makes these soft, sweet snuffling noises

I love how C-McC still wants his mama 'nuggles

I love how we can fly out the door with one on my front and one on my back, at the last minute to catch TT's bus

I just got into wearing with TT, we had a ring sling and a mei tai.  We didn't get a lot of wearing in, but I knew I wanted more babies so I knew the carriers would go to good use. 

With C-McC I went into it knowing I was going to wear him and often... I ended up churning my stash around quite a bit... searching for the perfect shoulder and fabric.  I tested out some SSC buckle carriers and none of them floated my boat, so I had a carrier craftsman create a custom 1/2 buckle wrap-tai for me (say that 10 x fast).  I tried my hand at wrapping but being a plus-sized mama the amount of fabric required overwhelmed me!

Now with WC, we are ring sling pros (WC was popped up for his first ride at 8hrs old)... C-McC still likes being worn so we've discovered tandem wearing (one on my front, one on my back).  I love ring slings but I'm still drawn to wraps (and I want more options for tandem wearing).  A good friend of mine linked me to this YouTube tutorial... my goodness she makes it look so easy!  Gosh-darnnit... I'm going to get this figured out!  With the loan of a wrap (thank you) and this link... I've gotten WC up on my back (now I wouldn't take him for a walk around the block but he was up, his head was supported and he was pretty comfy). 

So that's my baby wearing goal, what's yours?

Check out the video if you're interested in wrapping your newborn (and check out her other tutorial's too)

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