Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midwifery Love...

Friday I took WC for our 6wk postpartum check-up.

When we left, I almost cried.

I'd been warned by my friends, that I was going to be sad at that last appointment.

I scoffed.  I may have even snorted in derision.  I'd never felt like crying when I left my doctors (except this one time... but it wasn't because I was not going to see my doc again)...

Then I got pregnant with WC...
I spent 9 lovely months going to hour-long appointments. 
When it came to prenatal screening, instead of being handed requisitions... I was spoken to like the intelligent being that I am.  A discussion ensued... and decisions were made. 
I was supported. 
I painted a picture of the birth I wanted and they listened. 
I welcomed them into my home (thrice because WC is just awesome like that). 
Being respectful of the birth I wanted, they were a soothing presence in my peripheral. 
They encouraged me.
Babe was born and they didn't swoop in to check him over... they 'let' me hold my babe and marvel at his beauty.
They stayed... congratulated me.
Then, they came back (at 24hrs, 48hrs, 5 days, 10 days and 14... )

So when our 6 week appointment came, I felt a friendship was forged.  And yes, I was sad walking out that door. 

My friends were right, I'm absolutely, positively going to miss them!

(Oh and WC is an eating machine!  Born at 6lbs 9oz... at 5 wks + 3 days, he was 9lbs 2oz... that's just over 2.5lbs in 5.5 wks!!)

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