Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unskilled Comforter {A Muddled Wednesday Musing}

We had our favourite photographer over to take some newbie pics of WC... as she was rocking, stroking, shushing and swaying him down (so she could grab some fantastical photographs) I was struck by the fact that I cannot do that.

Do what you say?

I cannot rock, shush, stroke or sway my wee babe to sleep (nor could I do it with my other boys).

But you have three children, you say!

Yes, I do.  But my comfort method of choice, when my children are little, was/is breastfeeding.  Honestly, it was the easiest, most simple thing for me to do.

Baby crying?  Breastfeed.  Baby gassy?  Burp, then breastfeed.  Baby overstimulated/tired/fussy/etc?  Breastfeed.

I was literally in awe of how quickly our fab photographer got WC down... because it is just so beyond me.  If I can't settle WC down with boobie, I hand him off to the hubs (so that I can regroup) and we both try again after a brief break.

As you have made your way along your parenting path, have you noticed any skills/traits in other parent's that you just don't have (possibly because of the way you have chosen to parent)?

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