Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Extended' versus 'Term'

The words we use in our daily life portrays our views & feelings regarding a plethora of things.  Inadvertently, we may be projecting ideas and thoughts that we have not intended.

With this in mind, I've tried to be very conscious of the words I use and how they may impact people's perceptions of my parenting choices.


I've been a self-professed 'extended breastfeeding' mama.  I'm sure you've seen this phrase come up on my blog a time or two...

Lately, I've been thinking of the unintentional impact that 'extended' has on my peers... or really, anyone who happens upon my blog.

When you read 'extended' you think "beyond the norm".  Which, inadvertently, makes you think "this is not normal".  Which is exactly what I'm not trying to do.

What am I doing to change this?  I am trying to make the conscious effort to use 'term breastfeeding'.  Sounds a little more mainstream?  A little less "beyond the norm"?  Doesn't it?

Term breastfeeding is nursing your child until mutually desired by nursling and mother... it just takes away from the "beyond the norm" connotation of 'extended'. 

What words do you use in your daily life, that upon further reflection muddle what your intended message was/is?

Monday, January 7, 2013

AND... Now we have {Pink Eye}

We have spent the last three weeks in various stages of sick... meaning, at any point during those 3 weeks, at least someone was somewhat sick (at one point all five of us were in the range of 'somewhat to very' sick, at.the.same.time).

So, the hubs and I were ridiculously happy when this past weekend it seemed as if we'd all turned the proverbial corner.

And this my dear readers is why you never count your chicks before they hatch.  Never.

Come Sunday evening we notice a pinkening of TT's eyes... I wanted to vehemently shake my head and deny what I knew with an absolute certainty.

We have pink eye.  Oh joy!  Oh fun! 

Putting drops in a solid 4 year old's eyes... suuuuuuuuuuuuper fun (said with oozing sarcasm). 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year {2013}

I took a brief hiatus for the month of December... between finishing up our shopping (and wrapping, oh all that lovely wrapping... although in my case, it was gift-bagging), we picked up our tree, decorated the house and made some lovely memories together as a family (all done whilst in the midst of the world's nastiest cold... ever).

Needless to say, I didn't find time to sit-down and hammer out any posts...

I promise to properly rectify this shortly.

Until then... all the best in 2013