Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Tis the Season: For Racial Intolerance and Thinly Veiled Bigotry

It's that time of year...

The time of year where links and status updates flood my news feed bemoaning 'them' and how 'they' have wronged 'us'.
The time of year where in the spirit of Christmas, those of faith and those without, condemn people of other faiths.  Blame them for the political correctness that our government and society have adopted.  Shame them for daring to practice their faith and celebrate their holidays; all in the name of "Keeping the CHRIST in Christmas" or "National Pride". 

In reality, it's just thinly veiled bigotry and racial intolerance.

I honestly had more to say, but it just ended up sounding super ranty.  So, I'll just get to the point - celebrate what you wish to celebrate... whatever it may be, remember the spirit of the season.  Love, happiness and goodwill to others (even those who do not share the same religious or cultural beliefs... ).  It's the season of family and love (I know, I already mentioned that... but it's important enough to be mentioned twice). 

From my blog to you:
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Joyous Kwanzaa
Happy Diwali
Season's Greetings
Happy Holidays
Merry Yule 

Ps:  Don't be a douche... if someone wishes you "Happy Holidays", smile nod and respond in kind.  They aren't trying to shit on your Christmas.  Honest, they aren't!